Royal Tramp 2 - 鹿鼎記2

Following on from the Royal Tramp, after being exposed, Lung-er is bent on eliminating the person who disclosed her true identity - Wai Siu-bo. But complications ensue when Lung-er is assigned to protect Ng Ying-hung who is betrothed to Princess Kin-ning and Wai Siu-bo is assigned to be her escort by the Emperor. During an assassination attempt on the Emperor, Ying-hung and Wai Siu-bo are taken hostage. When Lung-er and her gang members go to rescue Ying-hung and Siu-bo, Ah Ko betrays her master - the one-armed Divine nun - by helping Ying-hung to escape. Lung-er manages to rescue Siu-bo but gets separated from her members. At the Dragon Sect camp, Lung-er is betrayed by Ying-hung and Fung Sek-fan. After being poisoned, she escapes with Siu-bo. In order to be saved, she has to lose her virginity by dawn which in turn will cause her to lose eight tenth of her martial arts' power. Recalling what Siu-bo has told her about Ying-hung and Sam-kwai, she chooses to sacrifice her virginity to Siu-bo and passing eight tenth of her power to him. At Sam-kwai's place, Fung Sek-fan captures Siu-bo's master - Chan Kan-nam - and sends him to the Emperor. In order to save his master, Siu-bo defeats Fung in a duel with his newly acquired martial arts' power and help from Lung-er; gets Fung executed in place of his master. While trying to escape with his master and his five wives (Lung-er, the twins, Princess Kin-ning, and Ah Ko), they are met by the Emperor and his men. But Siu-bo manages to convince the Emperor into letting them go.
Music, Variety Gameshow
Stephen Chow, Sharla Cheung, Natalis Chan, Sandra Ng, Chingmy Yau, Damian Lau, Brigitte Lin, Deric Wan
96 Minutes
24 September 1992