Cold Case - 冷案

Leng An
Four female detectives specialize in reopening cold cases. Their limits are put to the test in the face of brutal truths and twisted humanity.

 Luo Yingwei (Li Yuan) is the talkative team lead of three young detectives in Pingling City. Cai Wenxin (Kira Shi Shi) is known as the queen of gossip, Xia Luoyang (Pu Tao) is beautiful and determined while Feng Yi (Xu Yuan) brings up the rear as the quiet and bookish member of the group. Bringing the four ladies together is like a disaster waiting to happen, yet they manage to prove themselves time and again. With the help of Cai Wenxin's older brother Cai Wenfei (Wang Yu) and under the guidance of their superiors in the police force, this small team of four work together in each case and ultimately go head to head with a massive drug syndicate. 

 平陵市公安局有一個由四名女警組成冷案小組,她們偵破了四樁冷案,摧毀了平陵的販毒集團。八年前林慧被殺,案發現場沒留下兇手的踪跡。冷案小組找出了真兇,是林慧的父親,行凶理由是不滿女兒流落風塵。白如真被謀殺後拋尸山澗,在推理出挪屍方式之後,冷案小組發現兇手是在七年前就因車禍死亡的馮威,並識破了馮威七年來偽裝的身份。平陵首富之子兩年前離奇失踪,生死不明 ...
30 Episodes
04 March 2019